Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is my FIRST video posted to Youtube. It was a test, but Briggers is so cute I thought I would share. Paige is the cameragirl. Enjoy!

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Little Porter grows up!

Porter James Pugmire

has always been a Mama's Boy.

He was the 5th child born into our family, and so his bonding time with Daddy was limited. With our older children, my husband would take his turn caring for them, so they developed a close relationship with him. But by the time the younger ones came around, it was easier for Mom to take care of the babies, while Dad took care of the bigger kids. I was also a stay at home Mom when he was born, so Dad was busy working long hours to take care of us all.

He has always been a loving boy, and was always so thoughful to tell me he loves me, bring me flowers from the yard, and ask me to sing him lullabies.

One of my favorite things about having small children is to have a small, warm (and sometimes sticky) little hand in mine when we go on a walk or run errands. While some of my other children would rather run off to find adventures, Porter (being a little more shy) was always eager to hold Mama's hand.

Porter just started kindergarten on August 25, 2008. He was very excited to go to school, but a little scared to try something new. On meet the teacher night I had to literally drag him in the classroom. Once inside, he met his super sweet teacher Mrs. Kimborough, found new toys, and met new friends so I knew he would have a great time at school just a couple days later. I still wondered if he would repeat the scene, and cling to my leg.

On his first day Porter and I arrive at the school, got out of the car, and proceed to the play ground hand in hand as we have so many times before. About ten steps onto the playground, Porter pulls his hand out of mine. I stopped and offered my hand again but he refused it! He was not about to be seen on the school grounds holding his Mama's hand like a baby. Now I have older sons who have gone through this stage before, but they usually make it to the 3rd or 4th grade before they get that COOL. So we make it to the classroom door. I knew he probably wouldn't give me a kiss, so I bent down to plant one on his cheek. Guess what~he moved away! Oh no you didn't!

So I guess it's official. Porter is too cool for his Mama. Oh, they just grow up too quickly these days!

I've never been one to cry when my kids go off to school. I am always excited for them to learn, grow, and experience new things! But I have to admit, this one was hard. I realize that I only have one child not in school, and I'm not ready for those sweet tender years of snuggles, dandelions, and kisses to be over quite yet. (I am glad that diapers are done though)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to "Pugmire managed chaos"! This is the blog for the Jeff and Pam Pugmire family!